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Lego Cargo Crime Case Alerts Shippers to be More Specific in Their Carrier Contracts

Posted November 27, 2014

Under Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Alex Lennane – The Loadstar)

Shippers concerned about cargo crime at truck parking facilities need to give specific instructions in the contract in order for carriers to be liable for any loss, a Danish court has ruled.

The ruling follows warnings from FreightWatch International that the US has seen a significant rise in thefts involving either the driver’s collusion or a criminal posing as a driver, and that cargo is most vulnerable in the fourth quarter.

The Danish case concerned a shipment of Lego, which the toymaker wanted shipped from its main hub in Jirny, Czech Republic, to consignees in the UK. Lego, while noting in the tender documents that the shipment was “highly branded”, did not give any provision for particular safety precautions that should be taken, and there was no written contract. Read more here.