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Long Beach Chief Unveils ‘Smart System’ to Combat Congestion

(Linton Nightingale – Lloyd’s Loading List)

In its latest attempts to combat congestion, the Port of Long Beach has revealed plans of a new ‘smart system’ that would harness technology to speed up cargo flows throughout the supply chain.

Speaking in his first ‘State of Port’ address since taking the reins of the U.S. port in July 2014, Port of Long Beach chief executive Jon Slangerup said congestion was the single toughest issue faced by Long Beach, and unless it is fixed immediately, business will be driven away permanently.

“We have a choice,” said Mr Slangerup. “We can watch our business go elsewhere, or we can come together to change the way our supply chain works by using the latest information technology to efficiently move containers from origin, through the ports, on board trucks and trains, and to their destination.” Click here to read more.