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Malmström Visits Washington as Potential Tariffs on Cars Overshadow Trade Talks

(Beatriz Rios – EurActiv)

EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström heads to Washington on Tuesday (8 January) for a new round of trade talks with US officials, as potential tariffs on cars loom large over the heads of European industry.

Malmström will meet US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer within the framework of the executive working group both parties established after presidents Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Trump met in July.

The meeting is timely as the US Department for Trade is expected to publish next month its report on whether car imports are to be considered a threat to national security, as Trump suggested, which might trigger restrictive measures targeting the European car industry.

Trade tensions erupted between the EU and the US when the Trump administration imposed extra tariffs on steel and aluminium based on a similar report. Click here to read more.