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Market Conditions Swing Heavily Toward Carriers, Shippers ‘Clamoring for Trucks’

Posted December 15, 2017

Under Economic Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(James Jaillet – Commercial Carrier Journal)

Trucking Conditions Index reveals market tilted heavily in carriers’ favor: Economic conditions for trucking companies, as measured by FTR’s monthly Trucking Conditions Index, spiked in October, FTR reported this week. What’s more, the conditions driving the positive momentum for carriers should continue into 2018, says FTR Chief Operating Officer Jonathan Starks, who says carriers “should be prepared for big changes — and big opportunities.”

FTR attributes the positive market conditions to a strengthening economy, combined with the capacity pressures brought on by hurricanes Harvey and Irma and tightening capacity spurred by more widespread adoption of electronic logging devices. These conditions have tightened trucking industry capacity and driven up rates on the spot market and the contract market, swinging conditions strongly in carriers’ favor.

These factors should hold into 2018, “equating to solid conditions for carriers,” says FTR. Click here to read more.

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