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May to Ask EU for Brexit Delay; Long Extension Expected

(Associated Press)

Just two days away from a potentially calamitous no-deal Brexit, European Union leaders opened talks Wednesday to discuss granting the United Kingdom a new delay — possibly of up to a year — to its departure from the bloc.

It’s likely to be a rough day for British Prime Minister Theresa May as she pleads for a second extension until June 30, to prevent Britain’s scheduled departure from the EU this Friday.

European Council President Donald Tusk has suggested an even longer delay of up to a year with conditions attached to ensure Britain does not stymie EU decision-making if it remains a member.

According to the latest draft conclusions Wednesday, Britain would have to act “in a constructive and responsible manner throughout this unique period” of extended withdrawal, and would have to show “sincere co-operation.” It would have to act in “a manner that reflects its situation as a withdrawing member state.” Click here to read more.