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Mercosur has Failed, Argentina Needs New Partners: the Pacific Alliance?

Posted March 06, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues


“Mercosur as a unified space has failed and Argentina must start thinking in a new partner, which could be the Pacific Alliance” said one of Argentina’s main businessmen with interests in a diversified portfolio, Eduardo Eurnekian. He made the statement on the sidelines of the World’s Chambers Federation executive board meeting in Buenos Aires.

“We (Argentina) will have to find some other group, which could be the Pacific Alliance” said Eurnekian underlining that regional integration is vital so that Argentina can address the challenges of the global economy.

“Mercosur needs to integrate with a greater number of countries and with greater global presence to face other economic blocks; the Mercosur union space failed because it has no critical mass: we compete in autos, but then out comes Mexico, India, China, and they make them cheaper, so what do we do?, that is the great challenge ahead,” said Eurnekian head of Corporación America and ranked 1.006 in the Forbes billionaires’ list. Click here to read more.