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Millennials Get Free Trade, Why Doesn’t Anyone Else?

(Investor’s Business Daily)

A new survey finds that 48% of people under age 30 say that free trade agreements with other countries have been a good thing for the U.S., which is higher than any other age, demographic or ideological breakdown. Only 27% of millennials say trade deals are bad for workers.

This is not the first poll to uncover this surprising finding. Last year, a Pew Research Center poll found that 69% of millennials said free trade agreements have been good for the country. More than half said they have been good for their own personal finances. Both were the highest among the polls various breakdowns.

For whatever reason — perhaps because they buy so much stuff made abroad — these young people understand one of the most universally accepted laws of economics. That trade is good, and more trade is better. Click here to read more.