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More Free Trade Coming Our Way

Posted November 11, 2014

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Chris Vander Doelen – Windsor Star)

The anti-business opponents of free trade will be gearing up to tilt at their favourite windmill again because the biggest trade deal of them all is coming our way.

It’s called the Trans Pacific Partnership, and they say it will “dwarf NAFTA.” The deal will cover 800 million people in 12 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean, including Vietnam, Australia and Japan. [...]

Of course, in a place like Windsor with its mostly unionized and therefore politicized workplaces, merely uttering the name NAFTA usually starts all kinds of scaremongering about job losses and the mythical “race to the bottom.”

Expect to hear a lot more of that malarkey as the deal inches closer to being signed in the next few weeks or months. But TPP, if implemented, should be good for the country and eventually a great thing for a manufacturing and exporting centre like Windsor-Essex with its hundreds of factories. Read more here.