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NAFTA Freight Flows Falter in June

(STR Trade Report)

Monthly freight flows between the U.S. and its NAFTA partners slipped 0.9% in June to $103.0 billion, according to statistics released Aug. 28 by the Department of Transportation. However, these data show that the value of total U.S. trade with Canada and Mexico rose 10.2% from June 2013, including increases of 7.8% for truck, 4.5% for rail (including an 11.9% rise in exports), 35.2% for pipeline (including a 94.6% gain for exports), 19.3% for vessel (including a 22.5% gain in exports) and 6.5% for air (including a 10.3% rise in exports).

U.S.-Canada trade totaled $57.9 billion in June, up 0.3% from May and 9.9% from the previous year. The value of freight carried increased year-on-year for truck (5.3%, including a 9.5% increase in imports), rail (1.4%, where a 9.2% rise in exports offset a 2.2% loss in imports), pipeline (35.1%, including a 142.7% jump in exports), and air (9.5%, including a 16.5% gain in imports).

U.S.-Mexico trade totaled $45.1 billion, down 2.6% from May but up 10.5% from a year earlier. Compared to June 2013, the value of freight increased for truck (10.6%), rail (9.2%), pipeline (36.9%, where a 39.9% increase in exports offset a 12.4% drop in imports), vessel (16.2%, including a 22.9% rise in imports), and air (1.2%, where a 22.2% rise in exports offset an 18.3% fall in imports).