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NAFTA Partners, Canada and Mexico, Can’t Agree

Posted August 15, 2014

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Herald News | The Economist)

Canada and Mexico share the fortune, or misfortune, of a border with the world’s most powerful country, which looks down on both of them. For 20 years, as privileged trading partners of the United States, they have had the opportunity to influence it by creating a shared vision for North America. Instead the two have bickered like rivals in a tawdry menage a trois.

Canada plays the part of the wronged partner. It has jealously sought to protect its special relationship with its neighbor, fearing that Mexico may steal its thunder.

“Canada is quick to give offense and Mexico is quick to take it,” says Laura Dawson, author of a report on the bilateral relations for the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, a business group. Read more here.