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NAFTA Talks on Rules of Origin for Auto Industry Going Well: Verheul

Posted January 26, 2018

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Kelsey Johnson – Canadian Press)

Discussions between NAFTA negotiators on possible changes to a controversial American rules of origin for auto put forward by Canadian officials Wednesday went “reasonably well,” Canada’s chief negotiator Steve Verheul said Thursday.

“There’s a lot more thinking to do. A lot more discussion,” he told reporters.

Canadian officials put forward an informal proposal Wednesday that would overhaul the entire NAFTA formula for calculating content: instead of just counting the country of origin for mechanical parts, it would include intellectual property and emerging technologies — which would inflate the percentage of U.S. content given American research dominance.

American negotiators, Verheul said, took the Canadian idea back and will “look at it,” Canada’s chief negotiator said, adding “we’ll have a further discussion and see how that goes.” Click here to read more.

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