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National Front Joins anti-TTIP Lobby

Posted May 22, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues


The National Front (NF) officially added its voice to the campaign against the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on Monday, at the European Parliament representation in Paris. This positioning has come rather late, given that the EU has been negotiating the free-trade agreement with the United States for two years. Many parties and advocacy groups from across the political spectrum have voiced their opposition to TTIP, and demanded changes to the treaty already.

This latest campaign by the NF brings back echoes of the “patriotic” environmentalist movement it launched last December. The movement currently boasts 200 members.

Asked by EurActiv how the National Front’s position on the trade negotiations would differ from those of the other parties, Marine Le Pen insisted that politics was not about “dividing up the market”, and that with the largest French delegation in the European Parliament, it was only right that the NF should take a position. Click here to read more.