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Parsing the Party Platforms on Transportation

Posted July 28, 2016

Under Economic Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(David Cullen – HDT Truckinginfo)

The dry policy statements that the Democratic and Republican parties nail together every four years as platforms for their presidential candidates to run on may resonate little to any voter who is not among the party faithful or a poli-sci junkie. 

Yet even at their ricketiest, platforms spell out what each party aims to do if they manage to win the White House. That’s why what’s buried in the text will matter to issues-driven voters before the election as well as to lobbyists over the four years that follow.

The text of each party’s 2016 platform runs for about 50 pages and each devotes just about 200 words to issues directly related to transportation. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the positions presented are largely mirror images; that is to say, they are direct opposites. Click here to read more.