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Pompeo Announces New U.S. Investments in Indo-Pacific Region

(Laura Koran – CNN)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced $113 million in new US investments in the Indo-Pacific region Monday, including $25 million to promote digital connectivity, $50 million for energy projects, and $30 million for infrastructure.

In making the announcement, Pompeo emphasized the US commitment to the region, and to the principles of freedom and openness, implicitly drawing a contrast to China’s investment policies under its “One Belt, One Road” plan.

“With American companies, citizens around the world know that what you see is what you get: honest contracts, honest terms, and no need for off-the-books mischief,” Pompeo said at an Indo-Pacific Business Forum at the US Chamber of Commerce. “For us the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act is not just a law — it is a point of pride. Integrity in businesses practices is an essential pillar of our Indo-Pacific economic vision.” Click here to rad more.