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Port of Oakland’s Largest Terminal Sends Workers Home Amidst Labor Dispute

(Jana Katsuyama – Fox KTVU)

Port of Oakland officials say the labor dispute that shut down Oakland’s largest terminal Wednesday, doesn’t help the Port’s efforts to clear a painful backlog of cargo caused by nine-months of a bitter labor battle. There is also concern that shippers could pull out and take their business elsewhere if questions arise over the reliability of Oakland’s operations.

Tension erupted about 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. Managers at the SSA’s Oakland International Container Terminal shut down yard and gate operations. The ILWU says 45 dock workers with were fired and sent home.

SSA Terminal managers reportedly wanted two people working on each crane, which they say is common at other port terminals. In a statement on SSA’s behalf, the PMA stated, “ILWU LOCAL 10 is refusing to allow yard cranes to operate unless that number is increased to three. This is a demand that Local 10 made and dropped during negotiations that led to the tentative agreement.” Click here to read more.