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Republican Senators Tell Trump They Want Vote on USMCA This Year

Posted November 21, 2018

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Erik Wasson – Bloomberg)

A dozen GOP Senators urged President Donald Trump to send lawmakers final legislative language for a U.S.-Canada-Mexico trade agreement as soon as possible so that it can pass before Democrats take control of the House next year.

The lawmakers wrote in a Nov. 20 letter that they’re concerned that waiting until 2019 to send Congress draft legislative language will make passage “significantly more difficult,” as some Democrats have called for revisions. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky so far hasn’t shown interest in considering the trade deal before the end of the year.

If the president pursues congressional approval this year, “we commit to working with you in a consultative manner to draft implementing legislation that could win our votes, as well as a majority in the House and Senate,” the senators wrote. The senators asked for the pact to be provided before Nov. 30. Click here to read more.