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Saputo Head Calls on Ottawa to Reserve EU Cheese Import Quotas

(Canadian Press)

Canada’s largest dairy processors are pressing the federal government to allocate to them the lion’s share of higher cheese import quotas from Europe under the new free trade deal with the European Union (EU), Saputo Inc.’s chief executive said.

Those with a vested interest in the dairy industry, rather than just any business startup, should receive the largest allocations of the additional 17 million kilograms of product from Europe that will be allowed into Canada each year under the deal, Lino Saputo Jr. said following a speech to the Canadian Club of Montreal.

“We’re saying that perhaps the incumbents – those that are part of the dairy industry, those that have import licences already, those that have a vested interest in the industry – should inherit those new licences,” he told reporters. Click here to read more.