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Saskatchewan Takes Lead in Pulse Crop Exports as India’s Appetite Grows

Posted April 15, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Erick Atkins – Globe & Mail)

In a country where cows are sacred, millions of Indians get their protein from pulses – lentils, peas and beans. And when they snack, they increasingly have a taste for Kurkure, a salty treat that resembles a Cheeto but is made of chickpea.

India’s ever-growing appetite for vegetable-based protein – combined with rising incomes and a growing population – have turned the world’s second-most populous country into an importer of pulse crops. This demand has transformed parts of the Canadian Prairies, where lentils and peas have joined canola and wheat in the three-crop rotation used by many farmers.

The number of acres planted with lentils and peas in Saskatchewan has almost doubled since 2002 to an expected 7.5 million acres this year, according to the Saskatchewan Pulse Growers. Sixty-five per cent of the world’s lentils are grown in Canada, mainly in Saskatchewan. Click here to read more.