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Senate Report Says Canada “Ill-prepared” For Driverless Vehicles

(John G. Smith – Today’s Trucking)

A new report from the Senate Committee on Transport and Communications has suggested Canada is “ill-prepared” for the arrival of driverless vehicles.

The committee studied emerging driverless and connected vehicle technologies, along with the risks and rewards they offer. Their report includes 16 recommendations to set Canada up to successfully adopt these technologies. It urges various government departments to work with innovators to lay the groundwork for policy that will encourage the responsible development of the technology.

It also calls for a national strategy that would allow the government to prevent potential harms, such as cybersecurity threats. The report cites that as many as 94% of collisions are caused by human error and poor decision-making, and one witness testified that automated vehicles will be a reality within 10-15 years. Click here to read more.