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Shippers Must Meet the Challenge of New Box Weighing Rules as Overload Risks Grow

(Martin Roebuck – The Loadstar)

As containerships grow ever larger – vessels of 24,000 teu are now on the drawing board – the risk posed by overloading grows greater too. [...]

Outlining the problems caused by overweight boxes, the third member of the expert panel, Keith Bradley, hazardous cargoes advisor at the Marine and Coastguard Agency, showed examples of container stacks collapsing and cited one case where an unnamed vessel recently lost more than 500 containers overboard.

These either stay afloat and endanger shipping, or can damage the environment when they wash up on shore. But the problem extends to overland transport too, and Capt. Brough showed graphic images of derailed freight trains and cars crushed by unstable containers falling off trucks. Click here to read more.