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‘Shooting Yourself in the Foot’ – Why Canada Has No Good Options on Car Tariffs

Posted August 02, 2018

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Janyce McGregor – CBC News)

Major car manufacturing countries — Canada included — faced a grim reality as officials met in Geneva this week:

U.S. President Donald Trump’s car tariffs (should he follow through and impose them) may be worse than anything they’ve dealt with so far, no matter what they do in response or retaliation.

No one’s sure if the ceasefire brokered by the European Union — no further tariffs while new bilateral trade talks get underway — can hold, or if it even applies to countries outside the EU.

“The stakes are immense,” said Debra Steger, a former Canadian trade negotiator who helped build the World Trade Organization before joining the University of Ottawa’s law faculty. Click here to read more.