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Speed-Limiter Regulation Hits Roadblock in Trump’s Quest to Cut Rules

(Transport Topics)

Years of pleas from parents whose son was killed by a speeding tractor-trailer, buy-in from some truckers and the promise of fewer highway deaths convinced U.S. officials in September to propose requiring speed-limiting devices on all large rigs.

All it took was a few minutes for President Donald Trump to sign an order putting that regulation and hundreds of others in limbo.

“This ought to be the biggest slam dunk you ever thought of,” said Steve Owings, whose son, Cullum, died in 2002. The latest hurdle for the truck-speed proposal is “very, very disconcerting,” Owings said.

Trump brought a reformer’s zeal against regulations into the White House, vowing to block what he calls unnecessary rules across the government that stifle business and slow hiring. The order he signed in January requires agencies to kill two existing rules for each new one and caps the costs of new regulations — even ones backed by industry, lawmakers and the public. Click here to read more.

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