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SWI Document Image Functionality (DIF) Validation Proposal/Survey

Posted May 12, 2015

Under Canadian Customs Issues

As CBSA continues moving forward with implementation and additional programming for the Single Window Initiative (SWI), particularly the Document Imaging Functionality (DIF), they are seeking importers’ feedback on a proposal that would allow importers and their brokers flexibility in creating, querying and managing License, Permit, Certificate or Other Document (LPCO) images within the DIF. More specifically, the proposal is to:

  • remove the account security validation between DIF and Integrated Import Declarations (IID)s; and
  • remove the account security number from the Unique Reference Number(URN) entirely.

The business impact of this would be that any broker could query on the status of any image, even those submitted by another broker. 

Note: the actual image would never be returned to the querying party – only information as to whether an image with that URN was on file in good standing or not.

Click here to complete a very short survey (2 questions) to provide your comments on this proposal by COB Wednesday May 13th 2015