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Tariff Exclusions for Certain Steel Imports Sow Confusion

(Inti Pacheco & Bob Tita – Wall Street Journal)

Steel importers are winning most of their requests for tariff exclusions for products they say they can’t find in the U.S., but the process is riddled with inconsistencies and frequent procedural changes, according to manufacturers and importers.

The Commerce Department as of Dec. 17 granted about 75% of the 19,000 requests it processed to exclude products from tariffs on foreign steel that took effect in March, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of those applications. Exclusions issued so far cover 3.8 million tons of steel, or about 16% of the finished foreign steel entering the U.S. through 11 months of 2018.

In cases the department rejected, a U.S. metal producer often objected. More than 15,000 objections also have been filed on some 9,000 still-pending exclusion requests. Click here to read more.