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The Future of Asia’s Exports in Limbo

Posted October 30, 2014

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues


Asia’s export growth has stalled since a post-financial crisis recovery, faced with a combination of weak global demand and structural changes, HSBC said.  “Asia’s trade engine has lost its spark,” HSBC said in a note Tuesday, noting that the region’s shipment growth has slowed from an average of 20% over 2004-2007 to just 9.6 percent from 2011-2013.

While the bank expects some of the slowdown to reverse, especially as U.S. demand appears to be stabilizing, “the bad news is that developed market demand, while on the mend, is unlikely to deliver the same boost to Asian exports as it did in the past,” HSBC said, adding that developed market demand is likely to remain structurally lower. Read more here.