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Thousands Weigh in on Potential Targets of Future DOT Deregulation

Posted December 04, 2017

Under Economic Issues, Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Edwin Lopez – Supply Chain Dive)

The public comments on deregulation reveal the vast challenges faced by a transportation industry in transition.

As the DOT prepares to welcome high-impact technologies such as autonomous vehicles, they will also have to face Trump’s deregulatory order requiring companies to cut two rules for every new regulation proposed. If, for example, the FMCSA were looking to ease the process of acquiring a commercial driver’s license, address driver misclassification, or find ways to reduce sleep apnea, they must have a list of regulations they are ready to scrap.

As a result, the request for comments was likely an effort to identify outdated regulations, wherein scrapping the rules would do no harm, so to say. Click here to read more.

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