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TIACA Says Industry Must Manage Advance Data to Achieve Benefit

(AirCargo Asia-Pacific)

Pre-loading advance cargo information (PLACI) initiatives undertaken by the US, EU, and Canada since the 2010 “Yemen incident” have proved that using advance data for civil aviation risk assessment provides an additional layer of security.

A new position paper from The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) calls on regulators to continue to work closely with all members of the air cargo supply chain to ensure impending advance data regulations enhance security without impeding cargo flows.

TIACA agrees that the so-called “7+1” data set currently used in the pilot phase is sufficient for civil aviation risk assessment and can be provided early in the supply chain. But regulators must enable all relevant parties including carriers and others, such as regulated agents or postal operators in the supply chain, to submit data in order to encourage industry to provide it as early as possible. Click here to read more.