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Time for Canada to Step Up Game in Global Trade

Posted April 10, 2015

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Carlo Dade – The StarPhoenix)

What do a new trade agreement between Canada and Korea, the drastic decline of global poverty, the rise of Saskatchewan exports and the purchase of Canada Bread by Mexican multinational Grupo Bimbo have in common?

The fact that a typical Canadian would struggle to see a link illustrates a general lack of awareness about major trade issues - a major problem for a country that is so export dependent. If Canadians cannot understand our export-for prosperity ambitions, then we risk losing public support for such initiatives, as well as the sense of urgency needed to remove roadblocks to success.

The initiatives described above are tied to the global shift of consumption and purchasing power from the United States and Europe to Asia and Latin America. In this shift, the world is literally being turned upside down at a stunning rate. Our understanding of what is happening, however, has not kept pace. Click here to read more.

Note: Dade is the director of Trade Investment policy at the Canada West Foundation.