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International Trade Court Grants U.S. Steel Group’s Request for Panel to Hear Section 232 Case

(Justine Coyne – S&P Global Platts)

The US Court of International Trade has granted a request filed by the American Institute for International Steel to have a three-judge panel decide whether the US Section 232 statute used to impose tariffs on steel imports is unconstitutional, the AIIS said Thursday.

CIT cases are typically heard by a single judge, however in challenges to the constitutionality of US law and other instances with "broad and significant implications, the chief judge may assign the case to a three-judge panel," according to the court.

In its June 27 motion requesting a three-judge panel, the AIIS said it wanted an expedited appeal process that would bypass the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit and head straight to the Supreme Court. The motion for a three-judge panel was the first of its kind filed with the CIT since 2011, according to the AIIS. Click here to read more.