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Trade Unlikely to be Seriously Affected by DHS Shutdown Despite Warnings

Posted February 24, 2015

(Journal of Commerce)

A looming shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security could put U.S. international trade, not just national security, at risk, President Obama warned Monday, though in reality trade at ports of entry will not be delayed even in the event of a DHS shutdown.

What began as a debate over immigration reform has evolved into a stalemate that could threaten customs operations at airports, seaports and land borders nationwide in a matter of days, Obama said. The reality, however, is that even though the president may have no money to pay critical DHS employees such as Customs inspectors and staff who maintain automated customs filing systems, they will come to work anyway in loyalty to the mission of protecting the homeland and will in all probability be made whole financially when funding for the department is eventually restored.

“It will have a direct impact on your economy, and it will have a direct impact on America’s national security because their hard work helps to keep us safe,” Obama said Monday at a meeting of state governors at the White House. Click here to read more.

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