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“Transparency Needed to De-Mystify EU-US Trade Agreement” Economy Minister Says

(Tim Diacono – Malta Today)

Details about a proposed free-trade agreement between the EU and the United States must become more transparent so as to “demystify” the deal, Economy Minister Chris Cardona said.

“People must start to see this deal for what it really is, a way to finally liberalise trade between the EU and the U.S.,” Cardona said of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Speaking at a conference to discuss the impact that TTIP would have on Malta, the President of the Employers’ Group within the European Economic and Social Committee sought to dispel some fears that have surrounded the deal.

“It is not true that the TTIP will only benefit multinational corporations,” Jacek Krawczyk said. “Indeed, small and medium businesses will benefit from the elimination of tariffs and other trade barriers between the EU and the U.S. Nor is it true that the deal will lower Europe’s workers’ rights standards.” Click here to read more.