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Truck Electrification, Autonomy Means ‘New Training For Maintenance Folks’

Posted October 01, 2018

Under Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Jason Cannon – Commercial Carrier Journal)

Discussion around new trucking technologies like electrification and autonomy is usually water cooler fodder for the purchasing department, but if it’s going to hit the highway it’s eventually going to need service.

These cutting-edge trucks will come with maintenance needs and methods unlike anything even the most tenured shop foreman has seen, especially when it comes to the needs of complex radar and camera systems used for autonomous driving.

“This will be new training for maintenance folks,” says Chuck Price, vice president of product for TuSimple – a San Diego-based autonomous truck startup that is already logging Level 4 autonomous miles. “The actual work will be very compatible with what folks are doing today … it’s different but it’s still replacing components, aligning components [and] getting readouts from the diagnostics port. We’re trying to make it compatible with how maintenance teams operate today. Click here to read more.