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Trucking Bottlenecks Cost Millions and They’re Getting Worse

(Barry Hochfelder – Supply Chain Dive)

The trucking industry experienced almost 1.2 billion hours of delay in 2016 because of traffic congestion on the National Highway System, according to a 2018 report from ATRI.

“This delay is the equivalent of 425,533 commercial truck drivers, sitting idle for an entire working year…it is estimated that the additional operational costs incurred by the trucking industry due to traffic congestion were $74.5 billion,” the report said.

The cost to shippers and carriers can be staggering. “For UPS, if all of our vehicles are delayed just five minutes a day, every day, it costs our company $114 million a year. In order to combat congestion, many companies must plan operational redundancies to meet their customer needs,” Rich McArdle, president of UPS Freight, said in a statement. “Using data like ATRI’s bottleneck report can help both companies and elected officials to make more informed decisions.” Click here to read more.