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Trump Faces Growing Storm Over Car Tariffs as Lobbying Ramps Up

(Andrew Mayeda, Ryan Beene & Gabrielle Coppola – Bloomberg)

The procession of industry groups and foreign governments lining up to oppose President Donald Trump’s car tariffs is starting to look like a rush-hour traffic jam.

The Commerce Department will hold public hearings Thursday on its probe into whether imports of passenger vehicles imperil U.S. national security. Judging from the list of speakers, the administration will find little if any support for the idea that foreign cars undermine America’s ability to defend itself.

That’s a stark contrast from the U.S. investigation into steel and aluminum imports earlier this year. In that case, American steel producers and steelworker unions lobbied for tariffs, giving Trump political cover to eventually slap duties on foreign shipments.

“This one is much more of an uphill climb for the administration,” said Edward Alden, a senior fellow and trade expert at the Council on Foreign Relations in Washington. Click here to read more.