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Trump is Ignoring His Advisers and Flirting With ‘Economic Mayhem’

(Tom Boggioni – Raw Story)

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, the former president of the World Bank cautioned President Donald Trump could plunge the world into “economic mayhem” if he follows through on his demands for tariffs in the name of “national security.”

According to Robert Zoellick, who headed up the World Bank after stints as Deputy Secretary of State and U.S. Trade Representative under President George W. Bush, Trump is ignoring his top economic advisers and pushing for trade protectionism as a sign of strength.

“President Trump’s new National Security Strategy argues that the U.S. must compete in a hostile world,” wrote Zoellick, adding, “The Trump administration has stacked up a pile of trade cases that will come tumbling down early in 2018.” Click here to read more.

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