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Trump Launches $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Sales Pitch

(Brianna Gurciullo – Politico)

The White House finally rolled out President Donald Trump’s long-awaited infrastructure plan Monday, swinging for the fences with a $1.5 trillion initiative that is light on new federal dollars — but could inspire a wave of toll roads, ease decades-old regulations and permanently change cities’ and states’ expectations for assistance from Washington.

"It is time to give Americans the working, modern infrastructure they deserve," Trump said in a message to Congress accompanying his "legislative outline."

The proposal faces tough odds in Congress: Some conservative Republicans are already expressing shock at Trump’s total price tag, while Democrats say the share coming from the federal government would be too little to fill the backlog of crumbling roads, bridges, railroads, tunnels and airports, along with other needs like rural broadband service, veterans’ hospitals, toxic waste cleanups and drinking water. Click here to read more.