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Trump May Scare Off New Investment in Canada: Manufacturing Group

Posted January 31, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Andy Blatchford & Mike Blanchfield – Canadian Press)

Many large companies are becoming gun-shy about making new investments in Canada because of Donald Trump’s hardline stance on firms investing outside the U.S., says the head of a leading trade and industry group.

Mathew Wilson, senior vice president of Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, said the federal government needs to do more to attract investors because many companies – including long established, wholly-owned Canadian operations – are actively eyeing the U.S. as their base of future operations.

“I can’t see any major corporation wanting to be the subject of a Twitter feed,” Wilson said in an interview.

“He (Trump) has shown that he will use his voice as loudly as possible to drive investment to the U.S.” Click here to read more.

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