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Trump Officials Are Using a Bizarre New Comparison to Explain the US-China Trade War

(Bob Bryan – Business Insider)

Members of President Donald Trump’s administration have been trying for months to explain the benefit of the president’s trade war, and now officials appear to have developed an odd new comparison to help get the public on board with the tariffs.

Both Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue have compared Trump’s tariffs to a weight loss regimen over the past handful of weeks. Both officials promised that the economic pain of the trade fights will pay off in the end.

“I liken it a little bit to going on a diet,” Ross said July 31 at a US Chamber of Commerce event. “It’s no fun in the beginning, maybe a little bit painful, but at the end of the day you’re kind of happy with the end result.”

Perdue used a similar line to Ross during an interview with Fox News on Wednesday, saying the tariffs were “a little bit like weight loss — it’s kind of painful to start with, but you’re healthier in the end.” Click here to read more.