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Trump Urges New Congress to Act on Border Security ‘Crisis’

(Nicholas Sakelaris – UPI)

Amid a 13-day impasse that’s closed several areas of the U.S. government, President Donald Trump on Friday made a pitch to lawmakers that lays out why a wall is needed to secure the southern border.

The president sent a letter to Congress Friday that summarizes the physical barrier he’s asking for along hundreds of miles of the U.S.-Mexico border. Lack of funding for the wall has led to a stalemate in Congress and the partial government shutdown.

“As we begin this new Congress, our first task should be to reopen the government and to deliver on our highest duty as elected officials: the security of the Nation and its borders,” Trump wrote in the letter. “It is the sovereign right of every nation to establish an immigration program in its national interest – lawfully admitting those who have followed the rules, while denying entry to those who break the rules or fail to meet the requirements established in law.” Click here to read more.