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Trump’s One Truly Worrying Appointment: Peter Navarro’s White House National Trade Council

Posted December 23, 2016

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Tim Worstall – Forbes)

Observing those Donald Trump has picked for various cabinet posts and other appointments it’s entirely reasonable to say that you don’t like this or that one, even all of them. It would, after all, be a very boring place if we all agreed on all matters political. However, pretty much all of the appointments are of people who are competent. No, not competent in the sense that they agree with you, or even me. Which is most peoples’ unsaid definition of competence. But they’ve done things, achieved something already. Almost all have experience of running a large organization for example. And have done so with no little measure of success too. A successful and well regarded general as Secretary of Defense doesn’t sound like a bad idea. Secretary of State being someone who has spent the last decade glad handing the world’s politicians?

However, this latest appointment is something different. Peter Navarro is the economist who has been appointed to head up the newly created White House National Trade Council. And the problem here is not that he’s hawkish on China. Nor that I disagree with him (nor even that you do or don’t). It’s not even that he has views on the subject which are questionable. It’s that he states that he believes things about trade that are simply not true. Absolutely flat out not true. Which is a bit tricky if he’s to be guiding, in some manner, trade policy. Click here to read more.