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Trump’s Problem Should be China, Not ‘Fair and Reciprocal Trade’

Posted February 01, 2018

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Robert Robb — AZ Central/USA Today)

President Donald Trump undoubtedly thought that his Davos speech was a big success.

And in one respect, it was. Trump was there to pitch the United States as a good place in which to invest. And due to his deregulation and tax reforms, there is a bounce in the American economy.

In another respect, however, it wasn’t. Trump also sought to reassure his international audience about his intentions on trade. But nothing he said will, or should, calm the jitters.

Trump says that he wants “fair and reciprocal” trade. Some profess not to understand what Trump means by that. But Trump has made it clear.

Trump regards the balance of trade as a scorecard. If a country has a positive balance of trade, it is winning. If a country has a negative balance of trade, it is losing. Click here to read more.