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UK Prime Minister Fights to Save Brexit Deal With New Vote

Posted March 11, 2019

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Jill Lawless & Danica Kirka – Associated Press)

British Prime Minister Theresa May was battling Monday to stave off a new defeat for her European Union divorce deal, with talks deadlocked a day before Parliament is scheduled to vote on the plan.

The House of Commons is due to vote Tuesday on whether to approve a deal it resoundingly rejected in January. There are few signs of any big shift in opinion.

Lawmakers’ opposition to the deal centers on of concerns over arrangements for the Irish border. May’s government has been seeking changes, but the EU refuses to reopen the 585-page agreement that it spent a year-and-a-half negotiating.

The bloc is frustrated at what it sees as the inability of Britain’s divided government to lay out a clear vision for Brexit — and because it is seeking changes to an agreement that May herself helped negotiate. Click here to read more.