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UPS Sees Bright and Possibly Transformational Future for Electric Trucks

Posted March 06, 2019

Under Logistics & Supply Chain Issues

(Dave Cullen – Heavy Duty Trucking)

Outside the Indianapolis Conference Center early on March 5, with the thermometer barely touching double digits, it was cold enough to burn your breath away. Inside, was another story. Where the Green Truck Summit was getting under way ahead of the NTEA Work Truck Show, the air was fairly crackling with the excitement that stirs when truckers talk electric trucks.

Carlton Rose, president of global fleet maintenance and engineering at UPS, made it clear where the global package-delivery behemoth stands. “The way of the future,” he said in his keynote address, “is electric.”

It’s easy to see why, Rose explained. The desire for clean — and quiet trucks — is growing due to the global trend to urbanize and the accompanying rise in online commerce. Together, these market forces are driving up traffic and thus vehicle emissions in the cities around the world, in which more people than ever are living. Click here to read more.