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U.S. Seeks More Time for Ships to Switch to Cleaner Fuels

(Timothy Puko & Benoit Faucon – Wall Street Journal)

The Trump administration is pushing to ease the rollout of new international rules to power commercial ships with environmentally cleaner fuels, fearing the measures will drive up costs for consumers and businesses.

The rules, set roughly a decade ago through the International Maritime Organization, an arm of the United Nations, take effect on Jan. 1, 2020, and aim to slash the amount of sulfur in marine fuel for oceangoing ships.

The International Energy Agency, which advises governments on energy policies, has warned that the measures—by banning cheap energy sources and requiring ships to run on premium fuels—could cause a surge in demand for specific fuels that ripples across commodity markets and affects prices for crude, diesel and other petroleum products. Click here to read more.