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U.S. Trade Body Rules Canadian Softwood Hurts U.S. Industry

(CBC News)

The U.S. International Trade Commission has unanimously voted that the American lumber industry has been harmed by Canadian softwood lumber imports.

In a 4-0 vote Thursday, the agency sided with the U.S. lumber coalition that it was materially injured by imports from Canada.

The U.S. lumber coalition position is that Canada unfairly subsidizes its producers with low stumpage fees for harvesting trees on government land and that Canadian producers are selling wood into the U.S. at lower prices than they sell it at home. [...]

The BC Lumber Trade Council said the ruling, while not unexpected, is “completely without merit.”

Council president Susan Yurkovich said the process is biased in favour of the U.S. industry.

“We are confident that this latest decision by the ITC will again be reversed,” she said in a news release. Click here to read more.


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