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U.S. Truckborne Trade with Canada Increases, Spot Market Surges

(William Cassidy – JOC)

Economic recovery in the U.S. is generating manufacturing and freight demand in Canada, pushing up spot market truck volumes and freight traffic crossing the U.S. border.

Truckload volume on the Canadian spot market increased 11% from November to December, the biggest month-to-month change since March and third highest last year. Year-over-year, Canadian spot truckload volumes rose 19% in December, 20% for the third quarter, and 33% for 2013, TransCore Link Logistics said this week.

“The year saw historic volumes for 10 months, the most since TransCore Link Logistics started recording data,” the Canadian load-matching arm of TransCore, parent of U.S.-based load matcher DAT Solutions, said in a statement Jan. 13. “The two months that did not set records, August and November, barely missed reaching all-time high volumes.” Click here to read more.