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Vancouver Curbs Trucker Access

(Leo Quigley – IHS Maritime)

Canada’s Port Metro Vancouver will significantly reduce the number of truckers allowed to enter its facility as the threat of new labour action escalates.

The port announced on 26 January that only 68 container trucking companies, representing 1,450 trucks, have been “conditionally approved” to enter port property after 1 February. This would leave around 600 truckers that were part of the fleet last year without access to port containers.

In a statement to drivers, the port said: “There is widespread agreement that there are too many trucking companies and drivers, which has resulted in undercutting and other problems. Port Metro Vancouver has reformed the Truck Licensing System in consultation with the provincial and federal government, drivers, companies, industry and stakeholders. This reform will mean more stable service to the port and a better living for those who participate.

“Unfortunately, this means not everyone who is currently licensed to access the port will be licensed going forward. We recognise this transition may be difficult. Port Metro Vancouver is offering a generous transition programme to eligible owner operators, provided there is no disruption that impacts container movements to the port.” Click here to read more.