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What Trump Should Have Said About Amazon and the Post Office

(Kevin Kosar – Politico)

Donald Trump startled corporate America this week by unleashing a broadside against for, of all things, victimizing the Postal Service. [...]

Why Trump imagines the Post Office is giving away the store to Jeff Bezos is anything but clear. News outlets immediately jumped in to explain that he was wrong: Package delivery, they pointed out, actually makes money for the post office. Amazon “really delivers” for the Postal Service, wrote the Wall Street Journal, and others chimed in.

It’s undeniable that Trump has taken something very complex and made a hot mess of it. But it’s far from clear whether he’s wholly wrong. In fact, nobody—aside from the Postal Service—really knows whether the agency is profiting on its deliveries for or not. The reason for the confusion lies deep in its history, with a decision made a century ago by Congress, and today it’s triggered an argument about whether the USPS should even be in the package business at all. Click here to read more.