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Why Trump is Obsessed with Harley Davidson in India

(Chidanand Rajghatta – Times of India)

US President Donald Trump lit into India again on Monday in a rambling critique on trade issues, picking on a minor dispute with New Delhi over motorcycle tariffs to highlight his grievance that other nations have taken advantage of previous US administration’s negligence on trade.

For the second time this month, Trump latched on to an issue that does not even account for 0.05 per cent of the $ 140 billion US-India bilateral trade, itself ranked tenth in the US commercial sweepstakes. After lamenting how China, Canada, and Mexico – the top three American trade partners – were ripping off US, Trump settled on the Harley Davidson dispute with India to build a case for his version of fair trade.

“So we want fair trade deals. We want reciprocal trade deals. Scott Walker has a wonderful company called Harley Davidson in Wisconsin. Right? Great. So when they send a motorcycle to India, as an example, they have to pay 100 percent tax – 100 percent,” Trump began, even though he acknowledged Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally intervened to reduce it to 50 per cent. It isn’t enough for Trump. Click here to read more.

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