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Why Your Flat-Screen TV Would Cost More if NAFTA Ends

Posted November 28, 2017

Under Economic Issues, International Trade Issues

(Robbie Whelan & Santiago Pérez – Wall Street Journal)

One of the biggest potential casualties of the trade scuffle underway between Mexico and the U.S. is also one of America’s favorite consumer products: cheap, high-definition, flat-panel televisions.

Every year, U.S. consumers buy more than 40 million flat-screen TVs, as many as three-quarters of them assembled in factories here in Mexico’s electronics-producing hub on the border with California.

On Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, many of these shoppers will line up outside of Wal-Mart and Best Buy stores to buy their televisions. And every year, prices for flat-screens decline, as new models enter the market and retailers outdo one another to offer deeper discounts. Click here to read more.